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We created an engaging series of online promos for web and social

Cloughjordan House
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Series of online promos for web and social
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About the project

How do you pick a wedding venue when you live in another country and can't get home? Or do some in depth research on a location for your event in the middle of a pandemic? 

Covid has forced businesses to re-evaluate how they reach their customers, leading us all to adapt to a new norm. And this will mean in many cases that there's no going back. We've come now to expect that our favourite boutique will continue to accept online orders, that our local take-away will deliver at the touch of a button, and that when it comes to researching activities and events we can do so from the comfort of a chair at home.  

Cloughjordan House is a unique family run venue in Co. Tipperary, it's strength is in its charm of character and it's people. But it's difficult to get this across in an email, on a brochure or on a website 'About Us' page. During the pandemic Sarah and Peter, owners of CJH realised that video was the key tool missing from their marketing strategy.  Our job was to put their story on camera and bring it all together in an engaging and informative way.

Aside from being great search engine fodder, video is the medium consumers are now switching to. It’s engaging, easy to digest, and easy to share with others. You get a fuller insight into the topic being explored, and in this case, the warmth and genuine family welcome Cloughjordan seamlessly offers was perfectly demonstrated.

Check out the short promo below, we also accompanied it with a series of 60 second Instagram stings showcasing different aspects the House has to offer.

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