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How we built and manage a networking site for the UCD Aspire Programme

Development, design, logo
Membership and closed social network
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About the project

Our remit

  1. Development of a website for students in the UCD Aspire Network
  2. The website must only be open to students past and present
  3. Logo and Design
  4. Support

Project main features

The website was to act as an informational hub for students past and present - a closed social network if you like. We employed a number of tools to achieve this:

  • Student Logins, Profile and CV editing
  • Bulletin boards and private messaging
  • Events and ticket booking
  • News updates

We built the site on WordPress, utilizing full functionality from Buddypress, allowing students to take control of their profiles, browse other user's profiles and interact on a range of topics on the Bulletin Board. The Programme were able to login themselves and create Events, allow students to sign up to these events and to publish news stories of interest to the Community.

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