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Emma and Alan travelled to South Sudan - one of the most underdeveloped areas in the world to film the remarkable work going on at Loreto Rumbek.

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About the project

Loreto Rumbek is a Primary and Secondary school located in South Sudan. The school was started by Sr. Orla Treacy in 2008 and from small beginnings now serves a much wider community through a newly built Healthcare Centre, while providing a much needed place of education and sanctuary for girls aged 5-20.

In 2014 Susan met with Directory Orla Treacy and together formulated a donation and marketing strategy for the school. This was an incredible opportunity to work on the Project from the very beginning. We immediately got to work on

  1. Branding Pack - a logo, colour pallet and typography were designed.
  2. Website developed
  3. Online Donation platform added to the website
  4. Email Newsletter strategy devised and implemented
  5. Social media setup

Taking it further - Promotional videos

Emma and Alan travelled to South Sudan in November 2021 armed with cameras and drone. The wonderful work and vibrancy of this amazing place was desperately missing. The schools and Healthcare Centre rely heavily on donations through their website and wider support from supporters around the world.

This is the first in a series of films we are producing to highlight everyday life in the school, how donations are making a difference, and of course an opportunity for a thank you from the Students and Teachers to those who have contributed to keeping this hugely successful Programme going.

Additionally our brief was to build up a library of Photography for use on the Charity website, social media and donor supports. Alan and Emma took some superb photos, which our good friend Elaine Barker compiled and edited.

Video benefits

  • Video is an instantly more engaging method of communicating with existing and new Donors
  • Made for sharing on social media
  • Marked increase in conversion rates from email

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