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WordPress is a flexible and dynamic Content Management System which runs millions of websites around the world. It is an easy to use open source tool, SEO friendly and has a huge support community. The latest incarnation of wordpress was released in June 2012, contains lots of goodies and we’ve made the switch here!

Theme Customizer
All wordpress websites are built using themes - they are ultimately responsible for the look and feel of your website. With this latest customisation we can make changes to and preview themes before they are activated. Amend header images, background imagery and colors all from inside the wordpress dashboard. Preview your changes in real time before saving and applying them to your site.

This image caption even has some HTML in it!

Embed Tweets easily
Pasting the URL to a tweet onto its own line will embed that tweet into your post. For many this will remove the need to use a plugin

Speaking of which, let’s give it a go! Find the tweet you want and just add the link.

HTML in picture captions
We can now add HTML to image captions, which makes it very handy for adding links, or simply bolding some text. See Robot pic above!

Site load speed is of course of huge importance for many reasons and luckily wordPress continues to get faster with every release. With 3.4 modifications have been made to the WP_Query class. The patch breaks default WP_Query queries into two parts resulting in ‘fewer context switches’ and vastly improved performance.

Other features:

  • Flexible header images (theme dependant)
  • Better organisation for theme templates
  • Child theme support within theme installer
  • /login, /dashboard, and /admin redirects

Before you upgrade
As with all wordpress version upgrades it’s recommended you backup your full WordPress site – your MySQL database and the wordpress files before upgrading. Not all plugins will be compatible with the newer version, so check them out first.

Get in touch with us at Doghouse Media if you would like to find out more about wordpress or upgrading to 3.4